Distillateur 12 L/H avec réservoir intégré - GFL 2012

DAB-compliant water production
Conductivity: 2.3 µS/cm at 25°C
Integrated 24 L tank
Energy efficient
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Data sheet Distillateur 12 L/H avec réservoir intégré - GFL 2012


GFL distillers produce a high purity, low gas content, aseptic and pyrogen free distillate with very low conductivity.
The distillate thus obtained complies with DAB standards and qu'à the European Pharmacopoeia.
The conductivity data given for this device correspond to average values determined by l'institut Fresenius from l'eau of the network and should be understood as approximate values. Depending on the quality of the network l'eau, it is possible d'obtenir much better conductivity values.
The distillate obtained is used in research and development for bacteriological and clinical preparations as well as for the preparation of cell cultures and tissues. It is also used in cleaning and sterilization processes, for buffer solutions as well as for microbiological and analytical applications especially in HPLC.
The distillation of preheated cooling l'eau brings an economy d'énergie. GFL distillers are reliable, free d'entretien, easy to use and service and carry the CE mark.

The 2012 model has been designed for 12 litres of distillate per hour.
The integrated reservoir offers a capacity of twice the hourly flow. This device has proven itself in daily laboratory work. It is equipped with d'une electronic monitoring functions ensuring continuous distillate production.

Execution and main characteristics
Good distillate quality, conductivity approx. 2.3 μs / cm at 25 °C.
Heating element in stainless steel 1.4301.
Protection of the heating element by a missing safety d'eau by thermostat avoiding a dry running.
Savings d'énergie thanks to l'alimentation the boiler by l'eau preheated cooling.
Degassing into carbon monoxide through the upper outlet.
Boiler with splash guard d'eau d'accès easy (lift lid). Material: stainless steel 1.4301.
Distillate tank d'une capacity of twice the hourly flow. Material: stainless steel 1.4301.
Capacitor (cooling coil) in the tank easily removable. Material: stainless steel 1.4301.
Water supply via a solenoid valve mounted on l'appareil with 1/2 inch (ø 12,7 mm) water pipe connection; (water supply hose available as an option).
Required cooling pressure d'eau > 3 bar jusqu'à max.7 bar. After actuating the central switch, l'électrovanne opens l'arrivée in water and cuts it when the tank is full. Consumer Economy d'eau.
Cooling outlet d'eau with flexible connections 3/4 inch (inner ø 19 mm). L'eau not evaporated s'écoule by draining the cooler; (optional water outlet hose available).
Distribution of the distillate through the tap on the front panel, with continuous opening or under pressure.
The electronic level regulator cuts l'alimentation from l'appareil when the tank is full and restarts it automatically after distillate distribution.
The electronic detector d'impuretés cuts l'appareil during important pollution of l'eau in the boiler + red light alarm "cleaning".
Drain the boiler by tap to the right of l'appareil.
Central switch and luminous alarms (operating yellow and cleaning red) on the front panel.
Double jacket housing: external housing made of galvanised stainless steel sheet with electrostatic powder coating d'époxy
Débit (l/h) 12
Type of product Distillateurs
Débit : 12 L/h
Réservoir : 24 L
Conductivité : env. 2,3 µs / cm à 25 °C *
Type de distillation : mono
Matériel : acier-inox
Consommation d'eau de refroidissement : 198 L/h env.
Dimensions externes (l x p x h) : 780 x 410 x 670 mm env.
Alimentation électrique : 400 V / 3ph/N/PE / 50-60 Hz / 9.0 kW - courant triphasé
Poids net : 43 kg

Made in Germany