Ballon bicol fond rond 250 mL - clip - 19/26

Ref: 713642
  • Verre qualité Duran®
  • Très haute résistance chimique et mécanique
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Data sheet Ballon bicol fond rond 250 mL - clip - 19/26


Specifications: This
glassware is made of Duran® quality borosilicate glass
3.3.Traditional Rodaviss® glassware 19/26. Central
cone 19/26. Side necks: cone
19/26. Capacity: 250 mL.
Capacity 250 mL
Col central 19/26
Cols latéraux 19/26
Joint size 19/26
Material Duran®
Type of assembly Ground glass joint with clips
Type of bottom Round bottom
Type of product Verrerie de montage, Ballons fond rond

Other Specifications

Montage : à clip

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