Armoire de sûreté basse 2 portes jaunes - 110 L

For the storage of moderately hazardous products
Robust structure
180° door opening
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Data sheet Armoire de sûreté basse 2 portes jaunes - 110 L


Specially designed to store products presenting a moderate risk at a lower cost, this range of cabinets presents all the characteristics to guarantee safety and protection conditions adapted to this type of products.

For the storage of the following products :
Low flammability and low volatility products,
Diluted corrosive products emitting few aggressive vapours,
Harmful and toxic non-volatile products.

Painted steel retention tray shelf, height 65 mm.
Manual closing by a 2 points espagnolette protected under a vertical cover.
Cabinet supplied with standard pictograms (corrosive, toxic, harmful/irritating and flammable) to be affixed when used.

Natural ventilation
Perforated openings low on the doors and high on the body (on the roof for high models, on the rear face for low models).
Collar provided to allow connection of the high ventilation outlet to a mechanical ventilation.

Robust structure
Steel 9 and 10/10e.
Construction without central post to allow the horizontal exit of the shelves and the tray by sliding.
Grey epoxy paint for the cabinet body and yellow for the doors.
Shelves / retention trays adjustable in height in 25 mm increments with side overflows.
Removable general retention tank without lifting with lateral deflectors above the tank, height 100 mm.
Swing doors with 180° opening angle, equipped with a document compartment for the stock register and the MSDS
Capacité (flacons 1 L) 150
Nombre d'étagères 1
Nombre de portes 2
Option(s) 189581
Option(s) Solid doors
Outer dimensions (L x D x H) (mm) 950 x 500 x 1000 mm
Weight 48 kg
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